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Get Organized With Your Customizable Science Teacher Planner!

Are you looking for a science teacher planner? One that’s specially made for science teachers and all the extra stuff we have to plan and worry about? I’ve got your back! And since I LOVE planners I’m totally geeking out over this!

The science teacher planner – made specially for science teachers!

Are you frustrated with the regular teacher planners that are available? There are a lot of them out there for sure. Being the planner girl that I am, I’ve looked through most of them. But I could never really find one that allowed for all of the “extra” stuff that I needed to plan and keep track of. Specifically … labs. Lab inventory. And orders. And lab prep.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to come up with this idea (maybe because I was too busy dealing with labs!) but it occurred to me that if I could make my own planner, I’d be able to make it be exactly what it needed to be. My science teacher colleagues had some suggestions of things that they’d like to see in a planner as well. So the planner I’ll show you is a culmination of all those ideas. Watch the video to see all of the pages and hear suggestions for use!

Special Pages

These slides show the lab pages. They make it easy to do your lab planning and ordering. I especially love the Lab Activity Overview. Filling out one of these after each of your labs lets you note any details that you need to remember for next year. Just think how great it’ll be to check out one of these Overviews for a specific lab BEFORE you actually prep for it and run it! How many times have you set up for a lab, started it with your kids, and then remembered that you wanted to change a couple of steps in the procedure, or the directions? I did it all the time! Once you’ve gone through a year of labs you’ll have an Overview for each one and can refer to it each year!

Of course, all of the typical planner pages are there too. There are 2 options for the actual lesson planning, along with templates for regular lesson plans as well as blended learning lessons.

Good teachers reflect on their teaching throughout the year. To help with this, I’ve included several Reflection pages, plus there are smaller Reflection sections on some of the other pages.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that self-care is critical. But carving out time to do self-care is often really difficult. With that in mind I’ve also included a Self-Care page, where you can record what you’re doing, any routines you’ve started or would like to start, and a habit tracker.

There are 4 different cover options, all with a watercolor dragonfly theme. And if you don’t care for any of those, it’s easy to make your own cover on Powerpoint or Canva.

This planner is customizable too! Just download and print only the pages you want, the ones that will work for YOU. You can arrange them in any order you want. They’ll work equally well in either a binder, or spiral-bound at an office supply store.

If you’d like one of these for yourself, I’ve put it in my TpT store.

I truly hope that this science teacher planner will help you out this year and make your planning a bit easier. If you have other ideas for pages that you’d like to see in it, just contact me and I can make and upload them.

Please let me know how it works for you!

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