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Boom! The Perfect Platform for Digital Learning

Boom Learning may just be the digital solution to many of our distance learning problems!

Teachers and parents have had to adapt quickly to the ever-changing educational landscape. We’re both looking for online activities that are engaging and fun for students while keeping their skills up-to-date.

Boom Learning is a platform where teachers and parents can access and create thousands of free or paid “decks.” You’ll find decks to reinforce or review just about any skill. A Boom deck consists of a set of Boom cards. They are digital, paperless, interactive, self-correcting and easy to differentiate. Students can access them anywhere they have a device connected to the internet.

Boom cards are perfect for distance learning for so many reasons!

  • Students are excited and engaged
  • Perfect for whole class, independent or group learning, or stations
  • Easy to differentiate
  • Self-correcting … students get immediate feedback
  • Saves paper, time and ink

Getting Started with Boom Learning

All you need to get started with Boom Learning is an account, which you can create as a teacher and/or a parent. There are both free and paid accounts, but as of this writing Boom Learning is offering a one time 90-day free trial of their premium account through December 31, 2020. With premium you’ll get access to student performance data. You can also make decks available for more classes and students with the premium account.

After creating an account, you’ll have access to the entire Boom Learning store. You can choose from thousands of decks, many of which are free, to assign to your students.

Once you’ve chosen a deck simply click on it and it will be downloaded into your “library.” Once a deck is in your library you will always have access to it, even with a free account. From there you can assign your decks to students.

Boom Learning makes it very easy to get your students playing immediately. Just assign a deck using the Fast Pin option via Google Classroom or Seesaw. Your students will then have access to the deck with having to create an account or log in. However, you will not have access to student reporting data using this option.

Using a paid version will allow you to create classes within the Boom platform, making it easy to assign different decks to different students. Another option allows you to set up your classes directly in Boom through Google Classroom. You can see how to do that here.

Check out this video to see how to easily assign decks to your students using Google Classroom. Just create an assignment asking students to play via Fast Pin or asking them to log in to Boom Learning with their Google Classroom account.

So if you have an extra 5 minutes, head on over to Boom Learning, set up your account and start browsing or creating! It really is that simple! Your students will love Boom cards and will soon be asking for more.

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