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5 Science Classroom Decor Ideas to Engage Your Students

As back-to-school season approaches, you’re probably thinking about your curriculum and different ways to help your students achieve success. While you’re thinking about this, you may also want to think about some science classroom decor ideas to make your classroom inviting and educational.

But did you know that you can have too many decorations in your room?

As fun and colorful as it is to have lots of posters up, it can also be too distracting. Having lots of color with every inch of wall space covered can feel chaotic. Students will then try to look at everything without actually seeing anything.

On the other hand, having a blank, sterile room isn’t good for learning either. It’s depressing, and neither you nor your students will want to be there for long.

So what is the balance between too much and not enough?

Image of high school science classroom for science classroom decor ideas.
One view of my classroom.

Science Classroom Decor Ideas That Work

  • Decorate your classroom door! Your door is the first thing students see when they come to your class. Why not use that real estate to get them interested and excited before they ever step foot in your room? If you teach more than one science subject, you can switch between them, leaving one door decor up for a few weeks and then change it out for the other subject.

Here are a few ideas.

Do a “Scientist of the Month” theme, with pictures and informational blurbs about their work.

Put up a collage of images representing some of the topics you’ll be studying in class.

Have a section of your door set up for “Science in the News” and change it up weekly.

  • Use your windows! Windows are the perfect spot for some window decals or clings. Or get some glass markers and draw some science designs. For example, draw a cell with organelles and label them. Or draw a DNA double helix with mRNA and ribosomes. You can probably come up with a diagram that you (or an artistic student) can draw for each unit you teach!
  • Place lots of living things around your room. Plants and flowers give any room a cozy feeling. You can plant simple window boxes and place them in front of your windows. Use plants that don’t need a lot of direct lighting for other nooks and crannies. Place a tall plant in a corner, and some smaller plants on your desk and countertops. It’s fun to get creative with unusual planters, too. For example, put some water in an Erlenmeyer flask and use it to root some plant cuttings. Or use an old boot as a planter. Perfect for when you’re working through your plant unit!
  • Don’t forget educational posters! There are science posters on just about every topic and scientist imaginable. I like to purchase a few new ones every year to add to my collection. Then it’s easy to change them out as your topics change throughout the year. Make sure they’re colorful but also impart some science learning. The key to posters is to have a balance … you don’t want so many that they are overwhelming, but have enough to add some color and interest.

Inspirational posters are also great to use. Quotes about learning, science, integrity, etc. can reach your students in ways that you don’t even realize. Sometimes one quote can literally be a life-changer.

Image of cover of Inspirational Quotes Science posters for science classroom decor ideas.
  • Use scientific models and real objects. Science supply houses sell many different types of scientific models. No matter what topic you’re teaching you can probably find a model for it. This is another thing that I tried to add to my collection every year. Some are quite expensive, but your district may have a budget specifically for this type of purchase. Cell models, DNA models, flower anatomy, neurons, mitosis, etc. all have models that can be purchased and do a great job of showing details.

Being a biology teacher probably means that your students bring you “gifts”. Things like molted snake skins, interesting insects, abandoned bee hives, and wasp nests … I’ve been the happy recipient of all of these fun educational gifts over the years. I always display them either around the room or in my glass-front cupboards. One student kept a pet scorpion and gave it to me when it died. I myself brought in a deer skull complete with antlers that I found in the woods. Students are fascinated by these objects and they can really spark a lifelong interest in science!

Decorating your science classroom can be fun! Use your creativity and imagination to make your classroom a space that both you and your students will enjoy being in. You can also use some classroom decor as science stations!

I hope you found these science classroom decor ideas to be helpful.

I’d love to see your classrooms – please share some pics!

Happy teaching!

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