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What would your perfect classroom be like? How would it run on a daily basis?

Here’s my vision of how I wanted my perfect classroom to run. I pictured about 15 – 20 students, each with their own chrome book or iPad, all working in small groups. They would get up and move to different stations, or maybe quietly get up and gather supplies they needed, all while never getting off task or talking about anything other than the activity. We had awesome class discussions with everyone participating, both online and in person, and everyone got along with each other.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Your perfect classroom probably isn’t exactly like mine, but I would bet that you’d like your students to be engaged, collaborative and on task.

Truth is, I never achieved my perfect classroom … at least not on a daily basis. I had some great days where it DID run like this. But those days were not the norm. Most days, it was a combination of some parts perfection and more parts controlled chaos!

But I did learn more every year about how to create engaging biology activities and lessons. I went from a teacher who mostly lectured with powerpoints to a teacher who turned more of the learning over to the students and integrated technology into my lessons more and more. I found that the more engaged my students were the fewer discipline issues I had. My classroom got closer to my ideal vision!

I love biology, and I love it when my students love biology! This blog is a way for me to share my teaching strategies, resources and activities … what worked and what didn’t.

And to thank you for reading this far, I have a freebie for you! Click here to download my FREE Biology Pre-Test.This is a Biology Pre-Test that I use on the first or second day of school. It gives the kids an overview of what we’ll be studying during the year and gives me an idea of where they are in their background. It always stimulates some pretty cool discussions when we go over the answers!



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